IP Training Programmes

IP training programmes

Dealing with complex intellectual property matters can be difficult.

Understanding the legal documents, and judging the quality and scope of protection, risk and strategy.

Our training focuses on giving insight and understanding, and ensuring that the acquired knowledge can be practically applied.

We develop and present globally competitive IP programmes that serve our client’s needs.

Although we have standard training programmes and workshops, we deliver a wide range of customised IP training modules for corporate entities and public agencies on request.

Our standard programmes include:

  • Due Diligence
  • Freedom to operate: the IP Risk
  • How do I use IP to create value for my business?
  • How to read and interpret patents
  • Idea to Patent
  • Introduction to IP concepts
    (IP 101)
  • IP Commercialisation – Licensing
  • IP Strategy development
  • Prior art searching

Got the IP and all – now what?

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